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Useful Information Comparison of Companies Incorporated in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and British Virgin Islands
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    Mainland China Hong Kong BVI
    Minimum authorized / registered capital - HK$ 2 US$ 50,000
    Minimum paid up capital Not less than
    RMB 1,000,000
    HK$ 2 -
    Minimum number 1 2 1
    Bearer shares Not allowed Allowed Allowed
    Disclosure of beneficial shareholders Not necessary Not necessary Not necessary
    Nominee shareholders Allowed Allowed Allowed
    Minimum directors 1 2 1
    Disclosure of details of directors Needed Needed Not necessary
    Resident directors Yes Not necessary Not necessary
    Corporate shareholders - Allowed Allowed
    Characteristics No tax on offshore profits No tax on offshore profits No tax on offshore profits
    Profits tax rate 15 - 33% 16% -
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